Where can I download more missions from?

Many of the major OFP fan sites have indexed listings of both SP and MP user created missions for you to download. Here are just a few places to start looking:

The OFP FAQ's Mission Of the Moment (MOM) page

[WOLF] Missions


Flash Point Center

Miles Teg<GD>'s OFP Missions

OFP Missions at Delta Force Command

The Gunfighters


ATWAR: Assault and Tactical Warfare Command

PC Hogs (Republic of Jurdik missions)

Operation Flashpoint Germany

Operation Flashpoint Czech Republic

Command HQ @ The OFP Editing Center

Fansn's OFP Mission Database

Then, of course, there are my very own mission packs:

The Avon Lady's Cold Cream Mission Pack

The Avon Lady's Thermal Stockings Mission Pack

The Avon Lady's Powder-dry Rollon Mission Pack

The Avon Lady's Sun Bloc Mission Pack

The Avon Lady's Polynesian Sarong Mission Pack

The Avon Lady's Original OFP Demo Nostalgia Mission Pack

The Avon Lady's Leopard Leotard Mission Pack

Like I said, these are just a few of the sites with mission download pages. If you know of others worthy of mentioning, email me and I'll consider adding them to the list.

Most often, missions are available as downloadable ZIP files. If a mission consists of multiple files, you have to make sure you retain the path name when you unzip the mission.

For example, suppose you download a mission called COMMANDO consisting of 2 or more files zipped together. You most probably will need a COMMANDO subdirectory under OFP's MISSIONS (for SP missions) subdirectory or MPMISSIONS (for MP missions) subdirectory when you unzip the files.

Chances are that the zipped mission file with multiple files already contains the path name needed. Using WinZip, for example, simply make sure that the USE FOLDER NAMES option is checked when extracting the files.