Avon's Original OFP Demo Nostalgia Mission Pack

Were you around in the OFP community back in early 2001? Do you remember viewing video clips like this one (8.5MB, MPG format) even before OFP's demo came out and you couldn't wait to get your chance to play?

Do you remember when the demo was finally released on March 20 2001 and you played the now ever-famous "Flashpoint" SP mission for the first time? The cut scenes? The music? How you could get into a jeep and drive the vehicles? The characters, voices and lip-synch? The wide terrain? Your disorientation on the hill in that first battle? The first time you saw a BMP or maybe it saw you or maybe it was swiftly taken out by one of your brilliant AI squadmates? Do you remember successfully completing the mission only having to retreat and evacuate from the beach and then your helicopter was shot down?

Do you remember the first time you tried driving a tank or a chopper? Or the first time you got your hands on a sniper rifle or an HK MP5 or played a night mission with NVGs?

Do the names Phaeden, Reddeth, Gaybo, Tobbeee or Duma, amongst others, ring a bell? These were some of the first OFP editing experts and master mission makers that were part of and helped form the foundations of today's OFP gaming community. With the encyclopedic script editing expertise of a fellow who went by the name of Lustypooh, these master mission makers brought the OFP player community their first taste in what unbelievable potential OFP has to offer - with nothing but OFP's initial demo version to prove it!

Many of the missions they produced were classics in their time. There were missions, like Ninja's Lighthouse, that came in both an M21 daytime sniping version and a nighttime MP5 saboteur version. How about Phaeden's Normandy mission, with its opening artillery barrage and massive M113 beach landing? Or using massive AT power and road mines to stop the enemy convoy from reaching Le Port, in Licho and Gildorr's Real Ambush missions? How about playing a KGB sniper hunting for NATO General Howard with your Dragunov, in Deathbringer's mission named - what else - Dragunov?

Not only were these missions good back then, they're still great today. Whether you don't know what I'm blabbering about or whether I've made you shed a tear recalling days gone by, here's you chance to play these missions and dozens more, with today's retail version of OFP. I've dug them up from various sources and bundled them together into Avon's Original OFP Demo Nostalgia Mission Pack.

All of the missions take place on Malden Island, as that was the only island supplied and functional with the demo.

Absolutely no modifications were made to the mission's scripts or commands. Nothing was changed other than minor HTML corrections in overview files, prefixing the mission names with the letters "ODE" to identify them as part of this mission pack and renaming the mission files to conform with the OFP retail version's file naming conventions.

Just click right here to begin downloading Avon's Original OFP Demo Nostalgia Mission Pack.

If you want to play the Original OFP Demo Nostalgia Mission Pack with OFP's current demo version, you'll need to rename all of the pack's file suffixes from ABEL.PBO to DEMO.PBO. In addition, OFP player Ian Peacock says that, with OFP's demo version, he has to first start one of the packs larger missions, such as Foothold or Supply Depot, or else the demo program will jam his PC and he has to reboot.

NOTE: Many original demo missions are available as individual file downloads on XAOS.RU's download page. All the mission descriptions there are in Russian. Just make sure to follow the instructions in this FAQ item about renaming such demo files to get those files working for you in OFP's retail version.