Does OFP have any snowy winter scenery?

As sold, no, OFP has no winter scenery whatsoever. However, there are now player-made winter versions of two of OFP's islands, Kolgujev and Everon.


Winter Kolgujev or Nogojev - which will it be?

OFP addon expert, Kegetys, has created two modified versions of Kolgujev island. The first version, "Winter Kolgujev", works with OFP versions 1.30 to 1.46. The second version, Nogojev Island, is for OFP: Resistance only.

What's the difference between them? Winter Nogojev uses higher resolution textures for terrain, foliage, structures and vehicles that are not supported by versions of OFP prior to OFP: Resistance. Not only that, Nogojev also includes all the arctic soldiers that were previously in Winter Kolgujev, as well as all of the units from Ash's Arctic Armor Pack and Kegetys' Winter Vehicles addons. Sounds good, right? Not so fast! There's a catch.

If you've got OFP: Resistance, you cannot install both Winter Kolgujev and Nogojev islands because the two addons conflict with each other and are mutually exclusive. Furthermore, if you've got existing missions that reference arctic soldier units from the old Kegetys' Winter Kolgujev, Ash's Arctic Armor Pack or Kegetys' Winter Vehicles addons and you now install Nogojev island, those missions will no longer work unless you edit them.

Kegetys' OFP site is here. You can download all of his and other's old and new winter addons from there.

If you're having problems downloading these addons from Kegetys' own site, you should be able to find and download them from one of the popular OFP editing sites instead.

If you want to convert missions you have from using Winter Kolgujev to the newer Winter Nogojev, follow these instructions.

While you're here, check out the winterized 1985 Cold War Crisis campaign for the Winter Nogojev addon or my Cold Cream Mission Pack for the Winter Kolgujev addon.


Winter Everon

OFP addon maker, I-DOE-I, has similarly produced the "Winter Everon" island addon. Try downloading it from I-DOE-I's site, from ATWAR's addon terrain page or from OFP CZ's island download page.

While you're here, check out my Thermal Stockings Mission Pack for the Winter Everon addon.


Winter Malden

OFP addon maker, Metal Productions (MTL), has similarly produced the "Winter Malden" island addon. Try downloading it from ATWAR's addon terrain page, from OFP Org or from OFP CZ's island download page.

For combined winter addon and mission download packs, go and have a look at's site.


Now, where's my parka?

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