What can I do about blurred crosshairs, ironsites and other objects when playing OFP with 3D glasses?

An increasing number of people playing OFP are also trying to play it with those new-fangled 3D stereoscopic glasses. A large portion of them encounter the "iron sight" problem, i.e., it's blurred or in double-vision, hence useless for shooting.

OFP player Peter Tan has forwarded in a 100% guaranteed, sure-to-work-or-your-money-back (from Peter - not from me!) list of steps that you can perform to make the crosshairs as well as the iron sights useable in 3D glasses.

The following procedure refers to 3D glasses with NVIDIA stereo drivers, as the majority of the users out there own an NVIDIA-based graphics adapter.

  1. Configure your stereo drivers to activate stereo only with a hotkey. If you make it activate automatically, you may run into eye-watering problems due to incorrect stereo separation and/or convergence.
  2. Start up OFP. From the main menu, select a single player mission, such as "Steal The Car" for configuration and testing.
  3. Once in the game, switch to your iron sights.
  4. With Stereo Separation at 0%, increase slowly (CTRL-F4) until you see your iron sights start to split into 2. Note that with some older GeForce cards, the iron sights may be rendered as 2D objects instead of 3D, and hence, unsplittable (only 3D objects split). If this is the case, you're out of luck in trying to make OFP work in 3D. You may stop here now. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
  5. Hit CTRL-F5 to reduce convergence, until the sights become one again. You may want to lay your iron sights onto a vertical object, such as the edge of a wall, while in 3D mode. Then, close one of your eyes, and see where the iron sights really are for this eye. Then, open that eye, close the other eye and see where the iron sights are for that eye. If the 2 iron sights are not on top of or very close to vertical object you laid it on while in 3D mode, reduce convergence. If your convergence is already at minimum, then you need to reduce STEREO SEPARATION now.
  6. Test by playing the mission. See if you can hit anything.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 as necessary until you are able to see and hit targets without problems with the iron sights in stereo mode, and the stereo mode has enough depth for you to really shout "WOW!".

OFP Player Scott Green comments on the above: "Everything Peter said is spot on except it won't work unless you switch off HW T&L. Slows the game down but - hey - its in stereo, so who cares.

For additional reference, Nvidia has a document available, called the "NVIDIA 3D Stereo User's Guide". The guide is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.