Danger! OFP can delete your entire disk partition.

Several OFP players have reported having entire directories or even complete disk partitions deleted at some point while playing OFP. At first, this was generally dismissed as a general PC error affecting a random handful of players for some unknown reason.

However, On June 12, 2003, BIS admitted that there is a bug in OFP versions 1.75 through 1.91 that can cause this problem under the following circumstances:

The problem can never happen when running an OFP multiplayer server in Sockets mode, when playing single player missions or campaigns and when playing under OFP 1.46 and below under any circumstances.

Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of data loss on your PC, BIS strongly recommends that you do not create any multiplayer servers in DirectPlay mode when running OFP versions 1.75 through 1.91.

More information will be presented as details become available.