I start OFP and get message "A debugger has been detected. Please unload the debugger and try again."

OFP's CD copy protection mechanism, SAFEDISC2, runs some checks at startup to ascertain whether you are attempting to monitor its protection methods for the purpose of cracking them.

If you really are running such a debugger program, then you deserve this message. However, there are other innocent Windows programs out there that can trigger a similar false positive condition. OFP player Exatheon discovered that when he terminated a Windows utility called Bomb Shelter, the message was no longer displayed and he could finally play OFP.

Several owners of Sound Blaster Audigy series audio cards have resolved this problem by only installing the audio card's drivers and not any of the optional programs and utilities that come with the card.

Some Sound Blaster Audigy 2 owners have reported that the error message can generally be avoided by turning off the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 "Weclome" splash screen. You can disable the splash screen by selecting the check box labeled "Do not show this again". This screen can either be accessed when Windows starts up or by clicking on the Windows START button, selecting the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 program folder and selecting the WELCOME MENU entry therein.

DVD audio applications may also cause the debugger error message to appear. So make sure to reboot prior to starting a gaming session if you've played any DVD audio during your current Windows session.

Otherwise, if you come across this message on your PC and you're not out to outwit SAFEDISC2, check to see what Windows program or utility that you're running might be causing this error.