Some people have colored night scenes while others see only black and white.

As of OFP 1.20, BIS redesigned OFP's night coloring, switching it to black and white. However, this does not affect all installations of OFP. The switch to black and white night scenes is apparent for users with GeForce3 cards. It has also been reported by users of Radeon 8500 cards.

OFP reg Mister Frag says that any graphics adapters that support DirectX Pixel Shader (1.0) and above, will display black and white night scenes in OFP.

OFP reg Kegetys adds that some mobile video chipsets, such as the GeForce 4 440 Go, will still present colored night scenes. This is because such chipsets are still  based on earlier GeForce2 technology, which does not support pixel shaders.