Are you happy with your ATI Radeon 8500, 9500, 9700 or 9800?

Some people are. Some people aren't.

One Radeon 8500 user told me that when he ALT+TABs out and back into OFP, the screen colors are darker than before. OFP Player Evingar say that it's more than likely that what is happening is that Windows is dropping OFP's overriding gamma setting. The Radeon 8500 adapter's drivers seem to restore the Windows gamma setting to its own default when tabbing out of OFP. Therefore, when tabbing back to OFP, OFP's own gamma setting is lost.

The first driver editions for the newer Radeon 9700 gave their owners headaches, too, when it comes to OFP. New drivers are already available and they seem to resolve some (but not all) of the problems experienced by pioneer Radeon 9700 users.

Some Radeon 9X00 series users are experiencing flashing shadows and textures. Apparently, the latest ATI Catalyst driver versions finally correct this. If you don't want to update your ATI drivers, start the OFP preferences program and try changing your DISPLAY DEVICE setting from HWT&L to Direct3D. Note that this method will degrade performance.

Other Radeon users report having to regress to earlier Radeon driver versions and sometimes to earlier DirectX versions as well, in order to get OFP up and running smoothly with their graphics adapter.

BIS has recently found a connect between ATI Radeon cards and OFP's CAN'T MEMORY MAP error message. In these cases, BIS suggests you try the following:

Got some good or bad experiences with the Radeon 8X00 or 9X00 graphics adapter that could benefit the OFP player community? Just let me know and I'll consider including it in this FAQ item.