I'm hearing the messages "OH NO, 2 IS DOWN! DAMN, 2 IS DOWN!" or similar repeated over and over again when playing OFP!

Of course, it might not be soldier number 2. It might be soldiers 3 through 12 just the same. This could happen in both SP and MP games.

Several players have reported this problem after upgrading to OFP version 1.40. I recall less than a handful of players reporting this soon after OFP came out in June 2001.

Installing OFP version 1.45 or greater resolves this problem.

One OFP player found a solution that worked for him. Select the dead soldier's corresponding FUNCTION key (for example, F2 for soldier number 2), select STATUS (option 5) from the COMMAND MENU and then select IS DOWN (option 8).

Some players have suggested hitting the ALT+TAB key combination twice to quickly jump out of OFP and jump back in again.

Other players said that none of these solutions worked for them.

Ondrej Spanel, BIS' Lead Programmer, said that they've now been able to reproduce the problem. To tentatively prevent the problem from occurring, Ondrej said do not use the STATUS>REPORT STATUS command sequence.