When OFP starts up, I get error messages about file ~DF394B.TMP or EF7194.TMP. What's going on?!

These files are created by the SafeDisc2 protection mechanism incorporated into OFP's CD.

Before attempting to resolve the problem, if you've purchased the complete US edition of OFP Gold (not the upgrade edition), look here first.

Codemasters has sent out the following instructions to some players who have reported these error messages when using a valid OFP CD. It's helped some of them but it has not resolved the problem for others:

  1. If your PC's motherboard is based on the VIA chipset, read this FAQ item first.
  2. If you are running any Virtual CD device software (or other CD-ROM tools), such as Daemon Tools, you should uninstall it.
  3. The game will not run from a mapped network CD-ROM drive.
  4. If you have PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) you may also have to uninstall this.
  5. Try unchecking the DMA box found under your CD/DVD-ROM properties settings, under Windows' CONTROL PANELS>SYSTEM>DEVICE MANAGER.
  6. The ASPI drivers for your CD Drive may be corrupt. (Read all about this in this FAQ item).
  7. If you have a Sound Blaster sound card, disable the CD Detector program.
  8. Try changing your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM from a slave device to a master device.
  9. Ensure that you have the latest patch from our website.