Why do both the Windows mouse cursor and OFP's graphic one appear together when I play?

This double cursor problem has been reported by Windows 98, 2000 and XP users. One solution is to use the ALT+TAB keys on your keyboard to get out of OFP to the Windows Desktop and click on OFP from the active task bar to go back into OFP. The Windows cursor should now be gone.

At least one OFP version 1.30 player has reported that he resolved this problem by clicking on OPTIONS on OFP's main menu, then clicking on VIDEO OPTIONS and enabling MULTI-TEXTURING.

Another person says running the OFP preferences program and clicking on AUTODETECT solved this for him. 

Many players say that the problem disappears if you change OFP's display resolution setting to one that's different than your Windows display resolution setting.

OFP player [SiR] Tigg@lot says lowering OFP's display resolution from 32 bit to 16 bit got rid of the double cursor for him.

OFP player Nathan Smith resolved this problem by enabling his NVIDIA-based graphic adapter's D3D vsync option. However, if you start experiencing keyboard or mouse lag after this, you're better off keeping the vsync option disabled.

OFP player Murmur2k recently wrote in that he resolved the problem by placing the cursor to the top left of the screen and moving it around a little while screen goes black while OFP launches. This works every time for me as well. For you southpaws out there, this method should also work when placing the cursor in the top right screen corner.