How do I use the scope on the Dragunov sniper rifle?

Use the illustrations below along with these instruction to master using the Dragunov sniper rifle:

  1. In weapon view, go prone and peer through your sight and line up your target with the scale on the left. The point at which the height of the target matches the height of the rangefinder scale gives you your range to target. In the illustrated example here, the target, a civilian, is exactly 750 meters away from the sniper's position.

    Notice that in OFP, an accurate range reading seems to coincide when the height of the target meets the numbered scale lines and not the dotted line below it.
  2. In the center of your sight are four chevrons, each of which give you a guide as to how much to elevate your weapon given the distance to the target. Starting from the top, each chevron signifies increments of 250 meters from your position to target. Assume that your scale measurement indicates a target range of 750 meters; by lining your quarry up with the third chevron down (around 750m), you stand a good chance of an accurate hit. For any targets closer than 250m, sighting using the normal crosshair in the center of the sight should ensure an accurate hit.
  3. Keep the gun steady (holding down the ALT key will freeze the scope's position) and squeeze the trigger.
  4. If you aimed perfectly, you should be able to achieve on-shot-one-kill successes almost every time.

As an aside, would you like a copy of a real Dragunov rifle's field manual in English? It's available here, in PDF format, for downloading.