Why don't I see a red dot or square when I aim the laser target designator (LTD)?

Some people see it - some don't. I also didn't see it until I tested out the LTD after first enabling tracers under OFP's OPTIONS/DIFFICULTIES menu. Sure enough, it began to appear.

I assumed that this was a bug, as there is no real-life connection between bullet tracers and a laser's light beam. However, BIS' Ondrej Spanel took a look at this FAQ item and sent me the following notes:

  1. In reality you normally do not see rifle tracers, as tracer ammo is almost never used for rifles.
  2. With actual laser target designators you will never see a laser dot, since an invisible specter laser (IR) is used to designate targets.
  3. Both rifle tracers and the visible laser dot are "game-like" features that make the game easier by providing more feedback to the play than in reality.

I agree there should be two separate options for enabling both features. We did not implement it, as the LTD was introduced just before version 1.30 and we were unable to translate new option texts in time.

I think this issue is more a kind of "bad design" than bug.

OK. I can live with that.