How do you use the laser target designator (LTD)?

OFP: Resistance includes a new SP mission, "Laser Guide", where you get to use the LTD to target a bridge before a Soviet convoy manages to drive across it.

For those of you that don't have OFP: Resistance (yet), here's a mission I once downloaded, that serves as an example of using the LTD. You play a soldier equipped with the LTD. Try moving in closer to the nearby town where some enemy vehicle are located. When you begin the mission, you might hear in the distance some planes coming in. That's a squad of A10s with laser guided bombs (LGBs) heading in your direction.

When they reach a certain range from your location, you will suddenly be assigned command to them. At that point, select your LTD and click on your mouse to target one of the vehicles. Select one or more of the pilots under your command, open up the command menu and under TARGET, there should appear an option "LASER TARGET". Select that and keep tracking the targeted vehicle.

The A10's should swoop down, drop the LGBs and maybe even hit their target. If you've upgraded to OFP version 1.40 or greater, the LTD should be working nicely, as there were a number of LTD related fixes incorporated into version 1.40. Whatever you do, just don't be too close to the target or you might not live to tell. Those LGBs pack a wallop!

If you would like to reverse roles, you can play an A10 pilot in Spy's mission, Strategic Strike. A ground-based LTD equipped soldier will designate the target for you to drop your LGBs on. Bombs away!

The LTD and LGBs provide potential for fun, mayhem and destruction (hmmm .... a good description of my household at certain times).